WIA - core values

Listen, consult, collaborate + challenge             

This is what we do....

Be the best that we can be                                    

Strive for excellence - self improvement and company improvement

It's all about the detail                                             

Working hard at the little things can often make the biggest difference

Deliver on our promises                                          

Trust, built on integrity and reliability

Be a team player                                                        

Look out for each other, we win and lose together

Have fun - eat cake                                                   

We want to enjoy coming to work.

Celebrate the wins                                                     

We take time to understand and enjoy the successes!

Think sustainably                                                      

‘Meet the needs of the current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own need’,
Bruntland Report 1987

Be generous                                                                

With our knowledge, support and advice across the whole organisation

WIA - core values