Review of Gender

Current Gender statistics collated by the Industry show that there is an imbalance. RIBA Future Trends Data shows the following gender analysis by practice size:

Practice Size Mean % Female
1 to 10 27
11 to 50 33
51+ 30

A comparison with WIA current status and RIBA Benchmarking Gender research shows that overall, we meet or exceed the Industry standard.

However, we recognise that there is much more to do. As of August 2019, our latest financial year,

  • We are measuring our gender balance on a monthly basis at the Senior Management Team meeting.
  • We are training our management staff in equality and diversity.
  • We promote ourselves as an organisation, that observes the Equality Act Codes of Practice.

We are fully committed to creating an organisation where 50 / 50 gender balance is possible across all areas.

Written by Robert Posted in Studio news
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