Review of Gender

Current Gender statistics collated by the Industry show that there is an imbalance. RIBA Future Trends Data shows the following gender analysis by practice size:

Practice Size Mean % Female
1 to 10 27
11 to 50 33
51+ 30

A comparison with WIA current status and RIBA Benchmarking Gender research shows that overall, we meet or exceed the Industry standard.

Industry-wide permanent staff %WIA %
Non-shareholder directors79216633
Architects 5 years +67331000
Architects < 5 years55457525
Technologists / technicians82180100
Architectural assistant part 258425050
Architectural assistant part 156445050
Office management / support admin22780100

However, we recognise that there is much more to do. As of August 2019, our latest financial year,

  • We are measuring our gender balance on a monthly basis at the Senior Management Team meeting.
  • We are training our management staff in equality and diversity.
  • We promote ourselves as an organisation, that observes the Equality Act Codes of Practice.

We are fully committed to creating an organisation where 50 / 50 gender balance is possible across all areas.

Written by Robert Posted in Studio news
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