By becoming an advocate alongside notable figures within the architectural community, we pledge to stand together stand for these key principles.

  • Create a diverse representation of society in architectural education and practice
  • Challenge practice culture to be more open, flexible, tolerant and inclusive of everyone
  • Support equal opportunities for all qualified architects to progress their careers
  • Call out and challenge discriminatory behaviour
  • Promote and encourage role models, championing the visibility of the under-represented

‘Change the record’ opens a platform to address and answer questions including:

How do we highlight, support and encourage all individuals in practice, no matter what race, gender, orientation, disability?When I was studying and then working for a year in the North east, there was an open call to architects, architecture faculty or architecture students to put themselves forward to become an advocate for change within the profession and I joined the initiative. Throughout my studies and practice experience, I had felt that our profession lacked a diverse representation , which made me want to pursue this initiative even further. Having been a student representative for Northumbria University, allowed a platform for members of the community such as myself to have a voice and ‘Change the Record’ certainly builds upon these foundations for the wider architectural community to follow.

I am grateful for the continued support and commitment that WIA have offered for this initiative for which I will strive to drive forward in the foreseeable future.

Written by Robert Posted in Studio news
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