Offsite, prefabricated modular construction not only cuts costs and build time, but also supports sustainably driven design

Willmore Iles are experts in the design and delivery of buildings with Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), including modular construction – whereby a building’s components are modularised and prefabricated in an offsite facility for a rapid assembly on site.

With our professional insight into the most up to date challenges within the industry and working closely with our clients, we recognise the benefits of modular construction as a proven method to deliver sustainable, high-quality buildings with shorter construction time frames and predictable costs. Further benefits include reduced material waste, reduced disruption to the building site and surrounding community, safer conditions and reduced operational energy, meeting our clients aspirations and expectations. Alongside our knowledge of Passivhaus design, modular building systems allow us to design projects that benefit people, the planet and our clients.

It was exciting to visit the Innovare facilities recently; construction that is carried out in their facility offers us an environment that is easily monitored, consistent, and of high-quality with a simplified supply chain for the contractor. The facility is impressive, organised, clearly laid out and as a result, offers an efficient and interesting space to work in

Machinery is bespoke and has a specific job, reminiscent of the Midlands’ engineering roots. They cover precision cutting, gluing and mechanical fixings whilst providing a safe space to work. Innovare have worked hard to reduce risks to staff along with on-brand steelwork coatings.


Innovare design and manufacture their modules in-house, instead of importing modules and modifying them – reducing the number of processes in the system. They provide a SIPS system as well as a system that has particle cement board facing panels to substitute OSB, resolving any concerns with the product getting wet whilst being erected on site and addressing limitations around fire separation distances during construction.

Interestingly, windows can also be fitted in the factory, offering the main contractor an even simpler supply chain and shorter on-site timeframes with better quality control – and no risk of having to install windows in poor weather conditions. Crucially this brings the water-tight date forwards.


Click the links below to find out more about the projects that WIA have been designing with modular construction and get in touch below if you want to discuss your project with us.

Beaumont Village

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