The event celebrates the lake’s local community, where teams of eight swimmers will take it in turns to swim for an hour each, from Saturday till Sunday. It’s not a competition, there are no strict rules – it’s just about having fun and raising money for charity!

The event also raises vital funds for Clevedon Marine Lake and the charity that organises the event, Level Water. Swimming is a vital life skill and an activity that includes people with physical and mental disabilities, it’s a great leveller. Level Water raises money to pay for swimming lessons for children with disabilities. That means they can benefit from being in the water, being active and learning a skill that could one day save their lives.

Join Jason and Dido in making a difference! Your support helps to provide swimming lessons for children with disabilities, paving the way for them to join future challenges with friends and family.

Please see their Just Giving page.

Good luck Jason and Dido…

Written by Robert Posted in Studio news
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