Private Home, Devon

Replacement two storey residential dwelling, Devon
Location Devon
No. of Bedrooms 6
Status Ongoing

The site benefitted from a consent for a neo-Georgian house.  The client approached Willmore Iles Architects to review design options – based on our work at Silverlake.  We undertook a planning review and came forward with a radically altered contemporary design that could still be considered as a minor amendment to the planning consent.

Willmore Iles Architects

An important part of the design brief was to reduce the scale, massing and footprint of the proposal from the consented scheme and provide a more contemporary architectural treatment to the elevations of the building more in keeping with the look and feel of the surrounding area.

The proposed design makes the best use of the plot and maximises the views from this vantage point towards Lyme Regis. A palette of alternating materials sympathetic to the local environment and character were selected. Their sustainability characteristics, longevity and robustness have been considered for the coastal environment.

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