Nicoletta Yoesdyanto

Part I Architectural Assistant

I joined Willmore Iles Architects in September 2021 after completing my RIBA Part 1 BSc in UWE. Since joining WIA, I have been involved in stages of development and planning within the residential holiday home team. I am excited to continue my work on these, as well as other projects WIA are involved in.


I grew up in Indonesia and came to England to study architecture in UWE. I was drawn to the history and architectural appreciation in the UK. I had a great interest in surreal artworks, which evolved into ways of creating innovative architecture. Relating my love for art into contextualized physical structures allowed me to truly gain a passion for this field, which is continuously flourishing as I work and learn more in practice!

Professional Interests:

During my Part 1 at UWE, I was able to explore various approaches to heritage-led projects for an old town centre in Indonesia. This raised my interest into understanding theories behind restorations and its impact on society.
In my final year, I also enrolled in a design competition to create a community housing for the homeless. I enjoyed my time exploring this subject matter and am constantly working to find more ways to increase my knowledge.

And in the rest of life..

When I am not at work, I would binge-watch shows on TV or spend a few hours doing Sudoku puzzles! I’ve also developed a hobby in cooking and baking. Being away from home has made me miss some traditional home-cooked meals!

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