Lucy Smith



Joining WIA in 2019 I work within the Leisure Residential team drawing on my years of experience in the industry. I enjoy the complimentary aspects of design and delivery work within our projects, focusing both on quality design detail and efficient project management, ensuring we meet and exceed our client’s ambitions at each stage of the process. Appreciating the impact our projects have on the communities we work with and wider environment is at the heart of what I do.


As a fully qualified architect since 2015, I’ve had experience leading teams on a range of project types from the detailed specification of bespoke residential homes through to achieving consent for large scale planning applications. I have a range of skills that feed well into the leisure residential sector, with a breadth of experience which I channel into my current role.

Since completing my degree and diploma at the University of Portsmouth I have been based in the South West, qualifying from my Part III at UWE with distinction while working in local design-led practices and having gained valuable experience in larger international practice.

Professional Interests:

I strongly believe that the spaces in which we live and work have a profound effect on our health and wellbeing both physically and emotionally. Through my diploma thesis exploring our innate biophilia and the benefits of biomimicry in architecture, I am always conscious of how our connection with the environment can be a positive one, and how our architectural approach can focus on a mutually beneficial interaction with the context in which it sits.

I also believe in utilising the benefits of appropriate technology in design and collaborative working methods to streamline and refine the design process. Having published articles on the positive implementation of BIM within small/medium size practice and contributing to a collaborative book on the subject, it is exciting to be working within a practice that embraces these approaches and techniques with clear results that are benefitting our clients.

And in the rest of life …

One way I love to relax and fuel my creativity is through ceramics, the ability to create something beautiful and functional using tangible skills and techniques is both a challenge and an inspiration for my daily approach to architecture.

I’ve always loved to travel visiting buildings, spaces and places around the world. Having spent time living in Seville, exploring many areas of Europe and travelling throughout south east Asia, I’m naturally passionate about exploring new cultures and indulging in their amazing cuisines!

Although our latest trips tend to revolve around my young daughter, she luckily shares my love for food, creativity and adventure!

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