Marshall Thomas

Marketing Communications Intern

I am a Marketing Graduate who has just completed their final year at UWE, I have excelled in brand management, brand culture, digital marketing and public relations. I am beginning my career as a Marketing Communications Intern at Willmore Iles as a part of the UWE Bristol Undergraduate Summer Internship Scheme. I am grateful to UWE for organising this scheme, as it has opened the door to a fantastic first opportunity in a competitive job landscape. This scheme gives me the freedom to express myself and grow at Willmore Iles, offering my graduate knowledge to advise the team on their marketing activities. Previously studying filmmaking, I transitioned to the study of marketing at the University of the West of England, graduating in July 2022. With a creative education background, I am excited to put my graduate knowledge into practice.


After finishing college, I spent three years working in retail before joining the Raindance Film School in Charing Cross. It was during this time I became interested in the world of business and decided my creativity would be best utilised as a marketer. I joined UWE Bristol in 2019, graduating in July 2022.

Professional Interests:

As my first graduate role, I aim to bring my ideas and fresh perspective to Willmore Iles whilst also learning and growing through practice. My internship will only last eight weeks, however I am focused on bringing as much to the team as I can.
By impressing at Willmore Iles, I hope this internship acts as a catalyst in my young career and my experience here will develop my skills and lead me to the next exciting stage of my career path. Expanding the firm’s digital and social channels, this opportunity allows me to be creative and develop an impressive early portfolio.

And in the rest of life…

Keen on being active, you can often find me having a kick-about with friends or cycling, I will be riding to the office each morning. I also partake in the ‘Wim Hof Method’ meaning I have cold showers every morning and practice conscious breathing for good mental health.
As my filmmaking background suggests, I love films often watching multiple each week and regularly visiting the cinema. Also a music fanatic, I could talk about my favourite artists for hours.

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